Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Little Thing called a Yacht

A few years ago, I went through a short lived yachting phase. This means that on a trip somewhere in the world, I talked Steve's ear off as well as cousins and friends about the possibility of learning to sail. Well, the bug has hit again. The newfound lust stems from a blog I found back then about a family living on a boat around the world. I had written the family asking questions and exchanging traveling tales. Somewhere in the back of my bizarre brain, I filed the info away that they were in Malaysia. Well, they are actually in Thailand. Yahoo! They have a wonderful blog you can get lost in for days describing everything from their finances to food storage on their boat. So for all of you full-timers following along (you know who you are), how about trying a catamaran on for size? We plan to visit the couple in Phuket in the coming weeks and ask questions til they feel like they were caught by a CIA agent trying to swap recipes with Michelle Obama (I have been reading entirely too many cheap spy novels). We also plan to tie signs around our children's necks that say "Thailand" and park them at the yacht club here in Malaysia and see what happens.

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