Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doi Fang Hot Springs National Park

We took a small weekend excursion from Chiang Mai up to a National Park with so many names, I am calling it Doi Fang instead. It is a lot like Yellowstone but smaller with lots of hot springs and water and beautiful farms with terracing.
So the locals were fishing in a river in the park using fire crackers. They would drop them in the water, the blast would stun the fish and then the people would scoop them up for dinner. We were immediately enthralled with it and the kids had to join in the collecting. Then we had to explain to them how we will probably never see that again and why.
We have a long standing tradition of having ice cream every Sunday as a family. Fortunately there was an ice cream vendor in the park on this Sunday - and they had Magnums! Hell yes. Ryder loves to get the weirdest ice cream he can find, Phelan is into the local traditional and Casey just wants the biggest ice cream.

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